Coinbase Clone Script
Coinbase Clone Script
Coinbase Clone Script

What Is Coinbase Clone Script

White-label Coinbase clone software is a ready-made piece of software that is configurable, error-free, and easily accessible to users. Produced using the elements and security component of the Coinbase exchange. It is an altogether centralized platform that administrates user-admin trading for the users. In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving market trends, Fire Bee offers a solid and highly functioning clone script.

The user experience is improved and made simpler in the way the interface is designed. Within a few days, our clone script is deployable, and support is also offered following deployment. With our incredibly responsive Coinbase clone script, you can rapidly launch your own cryptocurrency trading platform.


Impressive Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Easy Buy & Sell

The OTC trading of the clone script allows the user to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from the admin instantly.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Simplified Interface

An easy-to-use interface downsizes the complexity for the users while using the crypto exchange platform.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Quick Transactions

The trade or buying and selling are made between the admin and the user, so the transactions are quicker.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Multiple Payment Method

The white-label Coinbase clone software is packed with integrations of numerous payment gateways.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Admin Monitor

The features of admin management assist the admin to observe and manage user activity effortlessly.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Support System

Concluding with the development of the Coinbase-like crypto exchange we offer support if any issues occur.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Crypto Listing

Listing a wide range of cryptocurrencies in the platform eases the user to get access to multiple crypto coins.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script


Our Coinbase clone script is supported with almost every cryptocurrency available in the crypto space.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

KYC Verification

KYC verification enables the admin to validate the reliability of the crypto users in the platform.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Fiat Currency Support

The clone script supports several fiat currencies for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Wallet Enabled

An integrated cryptocurrency wallet benefits the user to store their bought cryptocurrencies.

How Does Our Coinbase Clone Script Work?

Coinbase Clone Script

For Admin

  • The admin authenticates registered users
  • Approves the KYC by confirming the required credentials
  • Admin provides crypto or fiat currency for users to buy and sell
  • After the transaction, the admin can monitor the user history
Coinbase Clone Script

For Users

  • The user has to create an account followed by mail verification
  • After account verification, KYC has to be completed
  • The user can buy the listed coins after looking into the price chart
  • After buying or selling crypto the respective currency is sent to the wallet
Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase Clone App Development

Due to the increasing number of mobile application users in the present digital age, having a functional and responsive Coinbase clone app aids in the business's rapid growth. It is imperative to have a mobile version of your crypto exchange platform if you want to reach large audiences of people. The end-to-end establishment of a fully customized Coinbase clone app with amazing features and encrypted trading for consumers is made possible by Fire Bee. The Coinbase clone app is designed to work on both iOS and Android devices with all the necessary user and admin features.

Features of Our Coinbase Clone App

  • Live track view of trades
  • Blockchain ledgered
  • High-end security features
  • Geo-Location tracking
  • Advanced UI dashboard
  • Push notifications
  • Customizable clone app
  • Multi-signature wallet
Coinbase Clone Script

Why Choose Fire Bee for Coinbase Clone Script?

As one of the market's most advanced blockchain development enterprises, we at Fire Bee provide irreplaceable clone scripts for crypto exchange platforms. Our crew is composed of expert designers, programmers, testing professionals, and blockchain proficients who are all acquainted with their respective fields of work. Using state-of-art technologies, this team of technical experts has created several competitive Coinbase clone scripts that are deployed in just 7 days.

Our clone scripts are reasonably priced, with client contentment being our first priority. Our Coinbase clone software is feature-rich, custom-made, safe, free of bugs, and simple to enforce. With the help of our technically strong Coinbase clone script, you can launch your own cryptocurrency exchange similar to Coinbase and attain growth efficiently.

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