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Foundation is a superfine NFT marketplace built based on multiple Blockchain. It had made a deep foundation in the crypto digital space. Soon after the launch, it was ahead in the crypto market against its competitors. Foundation was a decentralized model with highly securable and functional features.

Developing a Foundation-like NFT Marketplace is like making a unique move in the crypto space. Using the predeveloped Foundation clone script, you can start an NFT marketplace similar to Foundation in a hassle-free way. As the method of using the predeveloped clone script is efficient and cost-effective for entrepreneurs and startups, many of the budding NFTpreneurs are opting for this solution.

Foundation Clone Script | Launch NFT Marketplace Similar to Foundation

Foundation clone scripts are ready-to-launch, pre-developed, and bug-free clone scripts that will help you to launch an NFT marketplace like Foundation. In this clone, users can mint, sell and trade NFT tokens on different Blockchain. According to your business preference and requirements, it can be customized also. We can even develop your platform at your desired Blockchain. Many add-ons and advanced technological stacks will make our Foundation Clone Script stand unique in the crypto market.

Here the users/creator can display their digital artworks in a virtual gallery. It's a great platform for an NFT enthusiast to invest. It has the best Smart contract that is enabled with a Blockchain hosted on a decentralized platform. In simple terms, using a Foundation clone script is the best way to start an NFT Marketplace like Foundation. Being an early pioneer in offering Blockchain services, Fire Bee Techno Services offers NFTpreneurs high-end Foundation clone scripts at affordable costs. Get started now with your Foundation like NFT marketplace business.

Features of Foundation Clone Script

Mintable tokens

Performance Tracking

Mintable tokens
Pausable tokens

Advanced Assets Organization

Pausable tokens
Pausable tokens

Decentralized Organization

Pausable tokens
Burnable tokens

Trade Performance Tracking

Burnable tokens
Utility tokens

Creating Values for NFTs

Utility tokens
Utility tokens

Captivating Front Store

Utility tokens
Utility tokens

Market Visibility

Utility tokens
Utility tokens

Statistics Analytics

Utility tokens

Security Features of Foundation Clone Script

Blockchains We Work On

Foundation Clone App

With our exclusive Foundation clone script, you can launch your own user-friendly NFT marketplace mobile app like Foundation. You can obtain top-notch Foundation clone app development services from Fire Bee Techno Services, which develops a full-fledged NFT trading mobile app that works completely similarly to the Foundation application. Our Foundation is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, and with this, the creators can easily buy, bid, and sell all NFTs that is Ethereum based without hassle.

As a Foundation like the NFT marketplace website, the users of the clone app can also hold auctions for digital artists. At an affordable cost, Fire Bee Techno Services is providing a completely reliable package of Premium Foundation clone app development services. As said before you can also alter the core functions, themes, design, and other virtual functionality according to the need.

Premium benefits of Foundation Clone App Development


The verification of your digital artwork is called minting. Here your digital artwork will join the Ethereum Blockchain for authentication. Blockchain network acts publicly always, so if you create a digital artwork then you are minting it.


After minting the digital artwork, the gas fee is paid with the Ethereum Blockchain, this fee is paid once after making a trade. Sales on the NFTs marketplace happen with the listing format, it happens as the 2-single mode or multiple modes.


Auctions happen entirely by collectors. After minting the artwork, they can list the price. Once any person bids on your NFTs it goes on the live auction. If no bids are initiated on your NFTs you can change their price, for that gas fee has to be paid. Auctions can be promoted on social platforms.

Collectibles Supported by Our Foundation Clone Script

How Does Our Foundation Clone Script Work?

The creator and collector must sign up for the platform


Creator and Collector must have a Web3 wallet like Metamask


Creator and Collector must have ETH for minting NFTs


Creators can mint any artwork like pictures in JPEG, PNG, and video in IPFS format


The creator can set a starting price to NFTs on the Auction


The initial bidding count starts at 24hrs


The collectors can take/buy NFTs available on the live auction event


If a new proposal arrives at the last minute of the countdown, then the bid gets extended for 15 min


If the collector wins the auction then NFTs are transferred to their wallet


Why Choose Fire Bee Techno Services for Foundation Clone Script?

The Fire Bee Techno Services is one of the reputed NFT marketplace development companies. We have highly talented Blockchain developers having vast experience in creating Blockchain-based applications. We have enriched prominent services to our global clients. We have helped more cryptopreneurs to achieve their dream of success. By analyzing end to end we have developed the Foundation clone script si that it paves way for a successive NFT marketplace business.

Our Foundation clone script is filled with quintessential features and advanced security options that are necessary to survive in this highly competitive NFT marketplace business. We use state of tools and technologies to craft the Foundation clone script. We’ve tested the Foundation clone script on many real-case conditions to test the limits and our clone script is completely bug-free. In simple terms, there is nothing to stop you from being the owner of your Foundation like the NFT marketplace platform. What are you waiting for? Just drop your business requirements to our Blockchain experts now!

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